Thursday, August 4, 2011

Back to our fighting trim! Almost.

So, the construction is nearly finished. I know it seems like we've been saying that for months, but this time we really mean it. The last things left to do are the paint and carpet, and those are only a couple of days at most.

So by next week, we're having our furniture rolled back over the line and taking advantage of some of our fun new amenities.

Like this kitchen/break area:

Don't you break my kitchen, now. 
And this spacious new common area:

What we need here is some Windex. And the dang carpet.
And of course our lovely new production space:

Yes, it's kind of hard to take a picture of an empty black
room. So here it is all dressed up for a shoot.
The big news for us at the moment is that we're about to fully occupy our new space, but almost equally exciting is that we continue to celebrate 10 years in business! We've now set the date for our big 10th Birthday/Office Warming Party as Thursday, October 13th so please save the date.

There will be food. And booze. And movies.

We're heading to Philadelphia tomorrow for the APCO International Conference, a 6000+ attendee meeting for which we providing script writing, creative consulting, multimedia content and the occasional musical comedy extravaganza...

Yeah, we did that.

...but once we're all back next week and moved in to our new space we'll share some finished pictures and videos.

Next time: How to Take a 250lb stainless steel oven to the movies. (Hint: use a smoke machine)

Check back again soon!

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  1. Love how the place is coming together...looks great!